French Acro Convention – The Big Trip

Let’s just say the south of France did not disappoint and we captured some amazing moments that we wanted to share with you. It’s one of our favourite conventions and there are so many good bits! Scroll down for the video.

The French Acro Convention, located in Sainte-Eulalie-en-born, celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year. And to mark the occasion it was 2 days longer than usual. The combination of the lake, the sunsets, training amongst the trees and being surrounded by good friends make this one outstanding acrobatic convention.

Scott made this video with our new minimal travel tech – it was mainly shot on an iPhone with a £50 gimbal. The video came out amazing, but we had quite a microphone fail 🤦‍♀️ Apologies for the awful audio…. it makes us cringe every time we watch it back. We hope you enjoy it!

Also in other tech news, a week before our big trip we were testing our drone (it had been playing up recently) and before we realised what was happening, it malfunctioned, flew off and was never to be seen again…no flight log, no homing….nothing…gone! I guess it flew off to join the other parrots in Platt Fields Park…

We wondered whether to replace the drone because it’s a lot of money just before a big trip (and Parrot wouldn’t replace it without the non existent flight log either!), but we knew we’d probably regret not having it at some point. The beach shots are some of our favourites and it was worth replacing the drone for these alone.

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