Airport Guides – Bordeaux

First things first, Bordeaux airport is not one that you want to spend a lot of time at, especially if you’re flying with Easyjet, Ryanair or Wizz air which fly out of a makeshift add-on terminal which is, quite literally, a cattle pen.

If you do find yourself stuck in Bordeaux airport for a little while, here are a few little hacks to make it more bearable…

✈️ Check the terminal

Budget airlines fly out of a small, add on terminal which has far fewer facilities called Terminal Billi. If you’re in the low cost carrier terminal, make sure you eat before you go through security. There’s a Starbucks outside before you go in, and not much else.

🚌 Take the Express Bus

There are two busses to the airport, the Number 1 bus, which costs €2 and takes an hours but is air conditioned and stops every two minutes. Or, the €8 express bus which has wifi, air con, and feels a lot more comfortable.

You can see the schedule and book tickets in advance at Busses leave outside the train station.

🌮 Eat before going through security

Especially true if you’re in the budget terminals – there’s very little once you’re through security – duty free, one cafe, and a few vending machines.

💧 Water

Take your empty water bottle through security and ask a cafe to fill it up. I couldn’t find any water fountains!

🔌 Power and charging points

Overall, not a great airport for power and charging points. In hall A there are some steps after security to gates 1-10. Head down the stairs and there’s a bright, cool, quiet area with 5 charging points. 

🛋 Lounges

Priority Pass isn’t accepted here. The lounge it €32 per person and doesn’t look mind blowing. Give it a miss.

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