Airport Guides – Prague – Updated

I think Prague airport is our most visited airport. Not only does it have a wonderful acro community that we keep visiting, but its also a really good hub airport.

It also scores highly in my ‘things I wish every airport has’ criteria 👍

💧 Water

Loads and loads of water fountains, mostly located near the toilets.

If you’re not already aware – you can bring an empty bottle through security to fill up airside – just make sure its empty, take the lid off and put it separately in one of the trays to make going through security a breeze.

🔌 Power and charging points

Lots of the gate areas, particularly in Terminal 2 have sections of seats with green arm rests – here you can find a plug socket and two usb sockets between each seat

🌐 Wifi

Free wifi everywhere without any complicated registration, just accept the terms and conditions and off you go!

🛋 Secret Lounge – new find!

In terminal 2, there’s a semi-hidden free lounge. You can find it by going to the transfer desk, then looking for the Relax Zone signs. Lots if spaces to work, its airy, bright and quiet, and there are even some spaces where you can take a nap. Perfect!

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