Airport Guides – Helsinki

I got this hack from a lovely little app called App in the air. If you take a lot of flights, its really nice for keeping everything organised. It collates the information from your flight confirmation emails and tells you how long you have left to check in and how long the flight is.

It also offers user generated tips and terminal maps for your departure and arrival airports which can be really handy….especially if you’re trying to work out whether you should eat before or after security.

Top tip from App in the air is where to eat in Helsinki airport. We were in terminal 1, and we had a few hours to kill so headed to the Fly Inn restaurant, a little restaurant which is quite hidden away upstairs. It’s got lovely sunset views of the airfield and its super quiet with ample power sockets and good wifi.

We had the Finnish tasting platter and it was really very good – plenty of cloud berries and breadcheese!

🌐 Wifi

Free and fast!

🔌 Power and charging points

Plenty in the restaurant. Not sure across the wider airport.

What’s in Helsinki?

We haven’t had much time to explore here so we’ll have to come back again!

You’ll probably want to fly here if you’re going to the Finnish Acro Conventions. There are usually 2 conventions a year – one in summer and one in winter. You can find out more on their facebook page.

We landed in Helsinki then go the train to Jyvaskyla for the Finnacro convention. You can watch our vlog from Finland below to find out what it was like.

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