Elk Falls – Vancouver Island – The Big Trip

After six straight weeks of teaching we headed to Canada to rest, recuperate and do some non acro tourism.

Our first stop was Vancouver Island – a place rich with stunning landscapes and wildlife. It has so much to offer that we barely had to venture from the roadside to get some amazing experiences and with a little further venture we kept finding ourselves alone and immersed – natural beauty really is on tap here! This is one such place by the roadside, it is called Elk Falls and it is 15 minutes easy walking from the carpark.

We have half a mind to create a longer Canada video, but with all that we are seeing and doing the project appears too big to handle. There is no way we can possibly recreate our time here in a few short minutes of video. So instead to explain this leg of our trip we have elected to make this video.

To understand this video you should know that it was all shot in a couple of hours late one evening. An evening when we decided on a whim to drive the ten minutes to the falls nearest where we were staying. By the standards of the area Elk Falls is just one of a dozen cool things to see that are basically by the roadside, it is quite ‘normal’ and we only chose to go there because of its proximity. By the same measure however, this video depicts our ‘normal’ time here so far, there have been some awe inspiring moments and a lot of driving in between but ‘normal’ here is pretty fantastic.


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