Angel’s Landing, Zion – The Big Trip

Here is the first video of our 6 week road trip through the US. So far so good with everyday presenting new crazy sights to see and adventures to be found.

We did do some research on where to go and what to see and as it is peak season we read up on how to do so to beat the crowds and even just how to find a parking space – some of the parking lots in Canada were full by 7am! However for the most part we have simply winged it, we’ve taken advice from friends on what is and isn’t worth fighting through the crowds for and then we’ve slept in, shown up late and let fate decide.

So far so good, it appears like everyone else reads the internet (shocking I know) and shows up super early to the busiest things. So when we rock up mid afternoon with just enough daylight left to get the hike done we often find ourselves with all the space and freedom one could ever desire.

This is one such popular place – Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park – touted as the ‘Most Scary Hike in America’ it sure is popular but for good reason. Something that high and that thin shouldn’t exist, Google it – it’s nuts! …

Anyway, this video is about a parkour guy actually enjoying a overly populated hike and a little lady overcoming her fear of heights. Enjoy!

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