Planning a Sabbatical

Just over a year ago I sat in my penultimate coaching session after having spent the last 12 months on a leadership development program. Sometimes in life you get lucky and meet the right person at the right time which unlocks the next level. Luckily, I met my coach Malcolm ⚡️

I’m not sure that putting me on a leadership development course that led to me dropping to a 3 day week and taking a sabbatical was exactly what work hoped for, but here I am, packing up our lives to spend 6 months travelling around the world 🌍

These five questions are the ones that Malcolm put to me when I told him that I wanted to take time out to travel. I didn’t think much of them at the time, but they really helped steer me through the decisions, conversations and tough moment in the run up to this weekend.

Why is it important?

How am I going to make it happen and when?

What do I want for me in the next 6-12 months

What’s expected of me before I go?

What does coming back look like?

Let me know if you’re interested to find out more about what the planning my sabbatical looked like.
You can follow how it’s going on The Big Trip or on instagram.

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