48 hours in Yellowstone

Yellowstone was one of those National Parks that we couldn’t miss – it contains over half of the world’s geysers. We didn’t have a lot of time to explore, so here’s my run down of our favourite spots. Given than we didn’t have much time and Yellowstone is huge, we decided to explore one or two areas in depth.

We spent pretty much the whole first day exploring the area around Old Faithful. There are paved boardwalks that take you around the geysers and you can easily spend a few hours here on the trails. We bumped into quite a lot of bison and deer on route as well.

Top tip | In the middle of the day the crowds at Old Faithful are pretty huge, and you can’t really get anywhere near as close as you can to other geysers. Despite its popularity, skip seeing this one first – instead watch it late afternoon as the colours are much better. Or, what we would do next time is grab a drink at the Old Faithful Inn and watch it spurt from the terrace with a cocktail.

Look out for rangers giving talks about the geysers as you walk around – you can find out a bit more about the behaviour of each one, and its usually an indicator that they are due to erupt.

If you’re peckish and want to eat nearby, the Old Faithful Inn looks like it does an amazing all you can eat buffet, however you need a reservation and we never managed to get one. Pop in nevertheless because the inside of the building is fantastic. The Bear Pit pub next door doesn’t require reservations.

Day 2 – Grand Prismatic

We spent most of our second day around Grand Prismatic. There are also a number of stunning pools, and you can spend a few hours walking round here.

Top tip | The boardwalk that takes you close to Grand Prismatic doesn’t give the best views. Instead hike to the obersavtion point for much better views. As a bonus, there are some beautiful un-named hot springs right by the parking lot.

Biscuit basin

Next head to biscuit basin where you’ll find some beautiful hot springs like Black Opal and Sapphire Pool along with a few frequently erupting geysers. Whilst not as big as Old Faithful, you can get much closer and they erupt a few times and hour so you can get close to the action.

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