4 Must Have Travel apps

Tried and tested, these are my top picks that I would be lost (sometimes quite literally) without.

Google maps

Google Maps is without a doubt the one app that’s indispensable for travelling. Download offline maps for your destination whilst you’ve got good wifi and you’ll have a map with all the important things on even when there’s no phone signal. From finding a gas station or an ATM, even on a remote island in the middle of nowhere, Google seems to have it covered. Love Google or or hate it, Google maps make travelling a breeze.

Offline maps

The ability to search and get directions on offline maps makes Google maps my top pick for areas with poor internet coverage.

Avoiding Taxi surges

You can use the ‘get directions’ to see which taxi companies offer app-based taxis in the area and see how the prices compare – one might be surging whilst the other isn’t.

A quick check on Google Maps shows that Uber is surging and Lyft is half the price

Google translate

For those times when you can’t read the menu or when the sat nav of your rental car is set to Russian, Google Translate to the rescue.

The real time translation via the camera will either amaze you, or at least give you something to laugh about when it gets the translation of local dishes terribly wrong. Prepare in advance and download the languages you need whilst you’re somewhere with good wifi.

Tripit + App in the air

These two apps in conjunction make keeping track of flight, car and hotel bookings and check in times a breeze. 

I don’t love Tripit, I hate the user interface with a passion. But one thing is does very well is scrape emails you send it for flight, hotel and car rental details and collate it all in one place, segmented into each trip. That way you can easily see that you’ve accidentally just booked your car rental for completely the wrong month…

Flight, Air bnb and ferry bookings collated together

Now here comes the magic. Link App in the Air with Tripit, and you now have all your flight information in an elegant app automatically.

App in the air is great for quickly showing you your flight number, the departure terminal, flight duration and arrival terminal. It also gives you a countdown for how long you’ve got left to check in. If you don’t book many flights, you might wonder why its useful. If you’ve got a few future flights booked, you’ll realise how golden this is.

Last but not least, it includes airport maps for departure and arrival airports and tips from other users. Now and again there are some real gems of where to find hidden water fountains or where the quiet little restaurants are. 

Note – You don’t need to link App in the Air to Tripit, they can work in isolation.

What are your favourite travel apps?

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