3 Apps for better smartphone travel photos

I’ve often been asked which camera I’m using on our trip, and it came as a surprise to many people that we took all our photos on an iPhone XS. The trick to making them look better than your regular smartphone photo is all in the edit.

1 – Lightroom

Lightroom for mobile is my go-to editing app. It’s incredibly powerful for a mobile editing app, and you can sync your projects across multiple devices for when you need a bigger screen.

You can do almost everything with the free version with the exception of editing RAW files, and selective edits, but it should be fine for more users.

Not sure where to begin? Try to built in Profiles and Presets as a starting point and tweak from there on. There are loads of video tutorials on how to use the different features, and if it’s all a bit too complicated you can download presets (filters) created by other people which do all the hard work for you.

2 – Snapseed

Before using Lightroom, Snapseed was my editing tool of choice. Whilst Lightroom wins on most fronts, there is one area where I still use Snapseed – in some situations, it’s healing tool just seems to be a little bit more clever.

3 – OSnap!

No one to take the photo? OSnap! is a photo timer tool where you can set the number of photos you want it to take in a given time period – such as one every 0.5 seconds. Perfect for capturing those mid air acro photos when you couldn’t bring your photographer along on the trip. For full quality photos you need the paid version.

Created with OSnap! for iOS

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