4 Apps and sites for booking flights

Planning, comparing and choosing flights can be tricky. Particularly multi-part complicated flights with layover and stopovers. Here are my favourite apps to help.

Comparing flights

Three contenders in this category – they all work in pretty much the same way. I use all three because sometimes you can find better prices or better combinations on one compared to the others.

1- Google flights

If you only choose one flight comparison site, I suggest it’s this one. Slowly but surely, this has become my go to flight comparison site. It’s collecting all the features that the other two separately have, and does it even better. It now also allows you to include your hand luggage and checked baggage, and calculates the total flight prices including additional baggage fees. Saves you realising at the end of booking that the other flight was actually cheaper because it included baggage. google.com/flights

Not a Google fan? Keep reading.

2- Skyscanner 

I love SkyScanner for showing at a glance when the cheapest dates are for a particular flight within the date picker. Dates are coloured red, amber or green helping you identify the cheapest dates right from the search box.

It seems to cover most airlines and will also give you flight combos that require separate airline bookings (which can often get you a cheaper deal). 

Also, the mobile app works much better than google flights on a mobile device, so handy when you’re trying to book on the go.

2- Kayak

Kayak’s outstanding feature is that you can ask it to show you dates up to 2 days before and 2 days after you specific dates right within your search results, so you can decide whether its worth spending the extra £30 to avoid the 6am flight by going a day earlier. kayak.com

Choosing a flight route

4- Air wander

Whilst this site doesn’t have the slickest interface, and it doesn’t seem to cope well when internet is patchy, it is excellent at showing you potential places to make a pit stop between points A and B. We’ve used to to find different stopover options that allow us to visit a new country for a day or two as opposed to 25 hours of solid travel. airwander.com

Bonus tips…

If you’ve got flexibility about where and when you will travel, considering signing up to flight alerts for cheap and mis priced flights – Jack’s flight club is a good example. I’ve often seen brilliant deal on here, especially for long haul flights from the UK.

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