Resources for unprecedented times

Things are pretty strange right now. It all feels a bit bonkers. You’re working from home, business up top and comfort below. You’re either eating everything in sight or realising its 6pm and all you’ve consumed is espresso and twitter feeds. But, there are tonnes of people out there writing articles and offering online classes to help you put some structure in your day, make sure you’re getting a workout, and get some ideas on what on earth to do now you’re juggling working from home and being a teacher.

If you’re still working, don’t forget about the thousands of artists and performers out there who have suddenly found themselves with no income. They are wonderfully skilled people with many talents – find what they can offer on the notice board. Maybe you can let your kids practice french with them for an hour? Or get someone to explain a few GCSE biology topics for them. Or maybe you’d like to outsource your lesson and activity planning?

Anyhow, the list below is made up of things I’ve come across lately that I think are useful. Feel free to send me more suggestions!

Working from home

Mental wellbeing

  • If you’re having problems with anxiety or start experiencing anything like it. You can sign up to £40 a year, they throw a year of headspace in with it too, and there’s plenty of resources available for you there.
  • If you’re not a fan of Headspace, here are some free guided meditations on Spotify, including an insomnia guide.
  • Woebot is a CBT style chat bot that guides you through questions and gratitude journaling
  • Fancy trying some hypnotherapy? There are a few audio tracks on this app that focus on different things like health, anxiety, and relaxation
  • Advanced lying down by YogaSpace, a 20 minute breath awareness audio guide
  • Add a daily dose of happy news into your feed
  • Headspace is offering a few free meditations
  • Calm have also put a lot of different meditations, sleep stories and other things on their blog for free
  • For a good giggle
  • have put together a guide for those already struggling with mental health with regards to Covid-19

Looking after kiddos?

How to help

Sign up to become a mentor for young people on 1 Million mentors


Fitness classes

Online circus fitness classes to keep fit whilst Cloud Aerial Arts is closed

Free live Acro and Conditioning 1 hour online classes with Systke each day at 20:00 GMT + 1 (Amsterdam time zone). Please be ready 5 min before we start.

Helena Astridge will be running a number of classes through Zoom – Email her for details

Cariad Yoga – £6 a class Tuesdays at 7pm , with 15 Spaces are available for FREE for the Unemployed / Self employed / NHS Staff – please email to explain your situation and book onto the class


Scribd is making itself free for 30 days through this link (no credit card required)

Language learning site Babbel is offering 6 months free when you buy 6 months

Online Conferences

7-8 April – Lead dev conference – For tech leaders and managers. Free

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